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Kiyoshi Sakurazuka


  • Name: 澈樱冢 = Che Ying Zhong
  • Foreign Name: Kiyoshi Sakurazuka
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 44kg
  • Gender: male  Female
  • Blood Type: A
  • Constellation: Aries
  • Birthplace: Hunan
  • Institution: Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Favorite game: PS2 – “Great God,” ” Dynasty Warriors “series;” Paradise II “,” Xuanyuanjian “,” KOF “
  • Favorite movie: “Lord of the Rings,” “Charlie puppet” Wong Kar-wai ‘s most movies.
  • Favorite cartoon: “Tokyo Babylon”
  • Like the work: “Bank of England”, “LevelE”, “quiet white”, “cowboy bepop”,”EVA”
  • Favorite characters: Sakura Star Kenshiro Otsuka , Zhu Xun, Yang Weili , Akira Ishida, family
  • Favorite colors: black, white, blue
  • Hobbies: anime games, cosplay, reading novels, sleeping
  • Character: like love, you do not like how not to like,
  • Stubborn, willful, extreme, Du Zhanyu stronger, more lazy
  • Wanted to say: hope and your favorite people together, happily intentions of their favorite things to do

the role of cos

  • April 2001 (Tech Man Show) factor “Clover”, Ijuin Ling “Detective School”
  • August 2002 (North deified cartoon show) Wang Tianjun “Gods”
  • October 2002 (less long show) A day of “terrorist pet” diopside “WISH”, A “CLOVER”, West Park Bow Tiger “multiple personality detective”, King Zhou “Gods”
  • October 2002 (picnic) Red Li “fire of inflammation.”
  • November 2002 (CAU) package “KOF”, Mount grass by the hope , “Fruits Basket”, cherry mound rhymes “X”, Cain “poison Earl Cain”
  • February 2003 (outside North) Roger Ireland “Angel Sanctuary”
  • In August 2003, the eve of Hong Cong fog “NOIR”, grass Mount contented people ” Fruits Basket “
  • October 2003 ( Wuhan ) Sakura “magic card girl Sakura,” Kula pickup “HunterXHunter”
  • In November 2003, Lee armbands “楚留香新传” Shell “Uncharted Waters 4”
  • In March 2004, Ai Erfei Elijah “Silver Warrior”, Yongquan “distant in time and space,” white ” Naruto “
  • In July 2004, NAMI (Desert Dancer Edition) “ONE PIECE”, dry up woman king “Tradition”
  • November 2004, Sun Wukong (Heaven Version) “Saiyuki” Yagami “Death Note”
  • In February 2005 someone = = “EVA”, MOMOKO Lolita = =
  • May 2005 Back to Basics Yuna “FFX-2” (… … to accompany his wife when is it … how is the role of women …)
  • Honored in July 2005, “Dark Descendants,” Shinsengumi = =
  • In August 2005, female priests “RO”, Sun Wukong, “Saiyuki”
  • In October 2005, black witch “MABINOGI”, Green Liu Qingming, Aoyagi beginning of summer “Loveless”
  • In January 2006, spells the poet “Paradise II”
  • February 2006 (Shenzhen Children’s Palace) Rhodes “D-GRAY MAN”
  • February 2006 (Guangzhou YACA) Asia with “D-GRAY MAN”
  • May 2006 (Shenzhen ICIF) Dita “CHOBITS”
  • July 2006 (Beijing) Zhen Ji , “Dynasty Warriors 4”
  • July 2006 (Beijing CHINAJOY) Gongsun Ce <Seven Chivalrous five justice>
  • February 2007 (third Golden Dragon Award OACC) Abyss Naraku Fantasy Story
  • May 2010 ( Nanning CJ guests) Mirror Music lotus

cos plan

  • Light onion “Basara”
  • Lu Xun, ” Dynasty Warriors 4 “
  • Okazaki Shinichi “NANA”
  • Winter Zeyiliou, signboard “magic card girl Sakura”
  • Us “Saiyuki”
  • Vincent ~ “FF7 “(||||)
  • Little evil Asura “Tradition”
  • Ranma “Ranma 1 / 2”
  • Hormone (weekdays version, dress version) “Clover”
  • Nami (pirate costumes Edition) “ONE PIECE”
  • B. Zhen painted orange “infinite lives” and
  • Life “Samurai”
  • Dragon Emperor <Zuiwo Red>
  • He plans birthday (optional)

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